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Urban Expé has developped a device named [Qr]iosité; thanks to [Qr]iosité the content of the information is automatically renewed and put up to date through QR Codes.

You can get different pieces of information according to the time at which you scan the code. With some codes you will access directly the ongoing activities in a given place, with other codes you will explore a place through tales and stories.

[Qr]iosité makes it possible to insert permanently QR codes in a leaflet, on a poster, on a wall or on any other support as the accessible information through the QR code is easily modified and changes automatically according to the choice made.

[Qr]iosité comes as a web application and an iPhone application.
With the web application, the users will be able to use any QR code scanner to read the QR codes.
With the iPhone application the users will scan and read the [Qr]iosité codes directly within a same environment and can use [Qr]iosité without the Net connection.

[Qr]iosité has been conceived to be an evolutive device. It can be used with technologies other than QR codes : Nfc, Internet of Things, …

In 2012, an incentive was launched by the Ministry of Culture and Communication for innovative developments in numerical services. [Qr]iosité took part in this project and won the approval of the Ministry quoted above.

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